about us

jewelry has always been a family passion... imagine, draw, model... the metal takes shape and then slowly, layer after layer, let each jewel become such.

working is like meditating... abstracting to immerse yourself in something deeper.
like watching a flower blossom... slowly the petals of a poppy relax their folds in the sun and slowly the wax gives way to silver which slowly lets itself be polished to collect every reflection and every ...

I like to think that our jewels will be looked at and loved and worn by those who see all this, all the dedication and care that each of us puts into our work.

each of our creations in micro-cast silver is a unique piece, entirely handmade with the lost wax technique. Hand brushed and polished.

behind each piece there is creativity, love for the material, respect for nature and for every worker who contributes their know how.

our work moves between art and craftsmanship and is the result of years of study, experience and dedication.